Superintendent of Police

Welcome to the official website of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police. This website provides a platform for interaction between the public and the police…



The aims and objectives of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police is to apply the law fairly and firmly in order to prevent and detect crime and to bring offenders to book..



The mission of Dakshin Dinajpur Police is to enforce the law and to bring the attitudinal change for greater Police Public harmony and thereby achieve greater efficiency..

Community Policing

Community Policing has gone much further than being a traditional police – community relations progamme, and has attempted to address crime control through a working partnership with the community. Community Institutions e.g., Families, Media, Educational Institutions, Social and Non-Governmental Organizations, Neighborhood Associations are believed to be key partners with the police & their views have greater status under community policing.

Things however seem to be changing in the last few decades and are still in the process of undergoing more changes. Police, all over, have developed ways and means to convince people that they are not the ones to be feared upon and that they can be approached at any given time when in distress.

Know Your Police Station

Balurghat Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Ashim Gope
Contact No: 03522-255651

Tapan Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Goutam Roy
Contact No: 03522-252229

Harirampur Police Station

Name of In-charge: Insp. Barun Mitra
Contact No: 03524-265146

Balurghat Women PS

Name of Incharge: LSI Kananbala Sarkar
Contact No: 03522-271933

Gangarampur Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Samir Dewsa
Contact No: 03521-255044

Patiram Police Station

Name of Incharge: SI Biraj Sarkar
Contact No:

Hili Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Ganesh Sharma
Contact No: 03522-254203

Banshihari Police Station

Name of Incharge: Inspr. Manojit Sarkar
Contact No: 03524-259213

Cyber Crime Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Nirmal Kumar Saha
Contact No: 03522-255651

Kumarganj Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Sujoy Banerjee
Contact No: 03522-254203

Kushmandi Police Station

Name of Incharge: Insp. Tapan Paul
Contact No: 03524-263452