Dakshin Dinajpur District

Dakshin Dinajpur or South Dinajpur is a district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Created on 1st April, 1992 by the division of the former West Dinajpur District, it comprises two subdivisions: Balurghat and Gangarampur. The erstwhile Dinajpur District, at the time of the partition of India, was split up into West Dinajpur district and East Dinajpur. The East Dinajpur district, now called Dinajpur, became part of East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The West Dinajpur district was enlarged in 1956, when States Reorganisation Act recommendations were implemented, with the addition of some areas of Bihar. The district was bifurcated into Uttar Dinajpur and Dakshin Dinajpur on April 1, 1992.

From the Desk of Superintendent of Police, Dakshin Dinajpur

 Welcome to the official website of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police. This website provides a platform for interaction between the public and the police. This interaction leads to social audit and improves the performance of the district police. It is endeavoring to make our police stations a centre of service and support to citizens.

Through the valuable information presented on our website, you will find that, we are committed to address the concerns of our community. You will also locate the various services we provide to the citizens. We are committed to provide a high level of professional and courteous service to our community. Our work can be done efficiently only with the cooperation of the people, we believe that this website is another milestone in strengthening the bond of cooperation between the police and the public. People can report their problems and give their valuable feedback and suggestions. We constantly work to improve efficiency through the use of technology and innovation in order to provide vital core services in a timely and professional manner. Some of our recent innovations include the use of social media. I encourage the people to navigate through our website, which reaffirms our commitment to proactively and responsively addressing the needs of our community, enhancing our public safety services and improving the quality of life of the people. Thank you for visiting the Dakshin Dinajpur Police website. 


Organizational Chart of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police

Our Aim

The aims and objectives of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police is to apply the law fairly and firmly in order to prevent and detect crime, and bring to offenders to book. The Dakshin Dinajpur District Police strives to ensure rule of law and law & order with the active co-operation of the community..

Our Objectives

The mission of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police is to enforce the law and to bring the attitudinal change for greater Police Public harmony and thereby achieve greater efficiency in its primary objective of prevention of crime and detection of crime. Police must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour or prejudice to rights of others.

Different wings of Dakshin Dinajpur District Police

District Intelligence Branch:
Dakshin Dinajpur Police Intelligence Branch is headed by Superintendent of Police, Dakshin Dinajpur and other subordinates officers like Dy.SP (DIB) , DIO-I & other Intelligence Officers.
It is responsible for the following assignments:
a) Collection, collation and dissemination of Intelligence.
b) Verification of character and antecedents.
c) Registration of Foreign Nationals through its FRRO Unit.
d) Passport verification.

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District Enforcement Branch:
The Dakshin Dinajpur Police Enforcement Branch is headed by Superintendent of Police, Dakshin Dinajpur and assist by other subordinate offices of the District Enforcement Branch,
It also deals with collection and dissemination of criminal intelligence relating to : Hoarding, Black-Marketing and Smuggling of Food Grains and other Essential Commodities. It also deals with crimes relating to
i) Essential Commodities Act, 1955
ii) Cinematography Act, 1957
iii) Indecent Representation of Woman (Prohibition) Act.
iv) Intellectual Properties Right: Copy Right Act, 1957, Trade marks Act, 1999, Patents, Designs etc.
v) Prevention of Corruption Act, 1947(As amended in 1988)
vi) The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940
vii) The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998
viii) The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
ix) Cases under the relevant Sections of the I.P.C. relating to Criminal Breach of Trust, Criminal
Misappropriation especially of Govt. Funds and Cheating, other economic offences / White-Collar Crimes.
Police Control Room & Police Telecom:
Both this units function as the hub of information network at the district level and work round the clock. This units work in co-ordination and are asigned with the resposibility of collecting / transmitting information from entire district as well as state of West Benagal. All executive instructions are also transmitted through the Police control room and Telecom unit. The Control Room is equipped with modern communication equipments including computers which are used for instant transmission of information ,instructions via e-mail ,VHF and Satellite Communication System.
The District Police Control rooms are equipped with the 100 Dial system for the benefit of public. . Apart from wireless communication all the Police stations have been connected via computer network which also connects the Police stations with the District and State headquarters.
District Crime Records Bureau:
The District Crime Records Bureau performs following activities:
a) To supervise and coordinate the activities of the District.
b) Provide training facilities for the Police personnel in computer usage.
c) To collect and process crime statistics of the District.
d) To implement the Criminal tracking Network (CCTNS) which is a central scheme of MHAGOVERNMENT OF INDIA.
e) DCRB maintains Database on crime Statistics for various queries of different agencies.
f) DCRB is the District Level implementing agency of the CCTNS Project.
g) DCRB, prepares the statement of CII (Crime in India) & ADSI (Accidental Death & Suicide
India) for annual publications led by NCRB, New Delhi.
h) DCRB, maintains the District level databases of MVCS (for Stolen / Recovered motor vehicles), TALASH (for missing persons, etc.).